Brand new logo

Long time no see. We felt bored, so we decided to update our logo.

Might this event be a prelude to more interesting events? Who knows...

We have also removed comments, analytic tags and other useless junk. So the website is now cookiless.

By the way, maybe you noticed that this year is our 20th anniversary.

Cardinal Chains, a new ZX Spectrum game

Miguel delivers a new puzzle game for ZX Spectrum: Cardinal Chains.

It is a free port from an existing homonym game for current platforms, created by Daniel Nora. You will have to walk through every square of the board in ascending order to beat each level.

Dead End_ pays a visit to the Commodore 64

The trip around 8 bit microcomputers is complete with this Dead End_ conversion for the Commodore 64.

Fede has nearly given up but, at least, has managed to develop a version pretty similar to the rest, taking into account the differences between this platform and previous works.

With this launch we have covered the main platforms (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Commodore 64) that ruled our homes in the 80's.

As usual, game (in a couple of disk formats) and source code are available in it's own page.

Dead End_, also for MSX

We keep on fire launching versions of our most successful multiplatform game so far. This time, the japanese standard has been the chosen one.

You can blame Fede as the responsible of this port, assisted by our usual suspects Miguel and Javi —although the irreverent artist said that MSX users could cope with the same ZX Spectrum graphics, like in the 80's— and with the great help of the guru Jon Cortázar, who taught us everything we needed to know about MSX Mode 1.

As always, the game in its different formats (tape, disc or cartridge) and source code can be downloaded from its page.

Dead End_, our first multiplatform game

Directly from our brand new "crappyports" department, we proudly present Dead End_ for Amstrad CPC. It is the first time we are porting a version of one of our games to any other platform—remember that Adrian Smethurst ported Sokoban to an arcade board to be playable in MAME.

It is also the first time we launch any game for a 8 bit platform appart from ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC in this case.

Fede has been in charge of carrying out this version, with Javi's graphic design supervision, Miguel doing some tests (he is the only one from the team able to beat levels 2 to 10) and the priceless help of Fran Gallego; we would still be hunting that Locomotive BASIC 1.0 bug without his knowledge and advice.

Game, in tape or disc format, and source code can be downloaded from it's own page.

Dead End_, our entry for Bytemaniacos 2020 BASIC Development Contest

Miguel, with the support of Javi in graphic design, has spent only two days developing a game to take part in Bytemaniacos 2020 BASIC Competition.

Game is written in pure BASIC, not compiled, and implements 10 levels of the game on which it is based: Deep End, for the Apple Macintosh.

Both game and source code can be downloaded, as usual, from it's own page.

OPP! Second place in Retromañía 2016 contest

Once again, RetroaAcción has hosted a development competition in their Retromañía 2016 event. This time, Related to the 40th anniversary of Zilog's Z80 microprocessor, the goal was to code an assembler game for any computer or console built on top of that CPU.

We have concurred with OPP! for ZX Spectrum, ranked in second place, just behind Johan "Dr. Beep" Koelman's Marble Racer for Sinclair ZX81.

The game is downloadable from this site itself or from RetroAcción website.

HTML5 version of Estar Guars now available

Thanks to Miguel's work, Estar Guars is now playable directly from browser. There is no need to download or install it. Have you saved your Rebel Alliance colleagues from the jaws of evil Darth Vader yet?

Interview in EMS podcast

Our colleagues Jesús Martínez del Vas and Javier Ortiz, from El Mundo del Spectrum, have been so kind to interview Miguel and Fede for their podcast S04E07 episode.

The truth is that, rather than an interview, it was a warm chat between friends. Setting aside the cobwebs of our memories, we travelled the history of Compiler Software and, by extension, the group of people that worked together in such interesting projects as developing videogames, publishing a magazine (MagazineZX) and hosting so many interesing webs related to the ZX Spectrum in our website speccy.org.

We wish to thank so much EMS for remembering us but, above all, for their divulgative work about our favourite computer and their podcast, always full of interesting contents to listen.

Here is a excerpt of the program with the interview but, please, do not miss the chance of listening the complete show. Among other topics, there is an interview with a true important character like Alberto González (McAlby). We were just the opening act.

Disclaimer: Sorry but interview, complete episode and all links are in Spanish.

Our first game running on arcade boards

During past september we got an email from Adrian Smethurst (cmonkey) hiding one of the biggest surprised we have received since many years. It happens that good fellow Adrian started working on the source code of Sokoban and ended porting it to Taito L System arcade board. That name may tell you nothing, as it didn't to us, but we are sure that you may know some titles running on it, as Plotting, Puzznic, Raimais or Fighting Hawk.

Of course, it is the first time that a Compiler Software game runs on such an exotic hardware. You can't imagine how proud we are of having our game in MAME, even considering that we were not involved in the development. It is kind of funny that this game has followed that "reversed path", compared to those 80's classics trying to bring the arcade sensations to our home microcomputers.

Sokoban LE main menu

Sokoban LE ingame screen

Sokoban LE finished level screen

Besides, the game is not a simple port, it includes some new features and improvements:

  • 10 new chiptune songs to choose.
  • A brand new sprite set, appart from the original 8.
  • Undo action stack doubles its capacity up to 200 movements.
  • Improved main menu.
  • "Attract mode", a classic feature of arcade boards.
  • Improved ending scene.
  • A couple of warp levels, so game can be finished beating only 24 levels.
  • JCN-7000 has red eyes.
  • Level passwords are cross-compatible between Spectrum and arcade versions.

So, please have a look to the game profile, from where you can download this version of our most successful game so far.

In a galaxy far, far away...

The winners of the Star Wars videogames programming contest (Spanish) were announced on past 6th November. This contest was organized by RetroAcción (Spanish) as part of RetroMañía 2015 (Spanish) event and the main subject was the galactic saga whose seventh chapter will be released in less than a month.

Using our recently purchased GameMaker: Studio Professional license, thanks to Humble Bundle deals, our pal Miguel has started learning it and, as an excuse, has built this little game and has sent it to the contest. Not only has he earned a bunch of experience points as "Game Maker", but also Estar Guars has reached a remarkable second position.

You can find (some) more information and download links for Windows and OSX in the game profile

Website redesigned

We are back, more than 6 years after the last update and celebrating (8 moths late) the site's tenth anniversary.

The only thing that we have done so far is a website redesign, trying that it is a bit less uglier and accessible from a bunch of devices that did not exist back in 2009.

We hope that this is not an island in the middle of the vast ocean and, in a near future, come back with new stuff to show.

Thank you so much for being there and playing our games.

Eighties flavor comes back!

Escuela De Ladrones

Compiler Software is back offering a new service: we are now publishing external developer games on cassette tapes with professional look&feel.

"Escuela de ladrones", the amazing title developed by World XXI Soft Inc., is the first launch of this initiative that wants to bring back to Spectrum users feelings from more than twenty years ago. Do you remember how those brand new games smelled? Now is the time for a revival!

This new launch complies, of course, with quality standards and care that Compiler Sofware brings to all our works: full color cover and instructions, imprinted tape and made in a professional recording studio. You cannot miss this object of desire!

"Escuela de ladrones" will be available phisically for the firs time in RetroMadrid, at Matra stand, at a price of 8.75€. You can also contact us in order to get your copy sent by postal service. You will also get a digital copy in your e-mail.

At last, but not at least. As launching offer, if you already got a digital copy of the game before 1st March, you will be able to get "Escuela de ladrones" for only 5 euros. Do not miss this opportunity and ask at Matra stand or contact us. Limited stock available!

And do not forget that you can also get Sokoban, the last title from Compiler Software.


Eighties flavor is back! And we squeeze it for you!! ;)

Sokoban bug solved

We have been reported a bug in Sokoban. It prevents level 24 to be resolved. So we have fixed the problem and replaced downloadable files with new ones.

If you need to keep playing with the older version (in case you are using a snapshot in an emulator), you can skip to the next level using password JBJDKD

The source code files have also been updated, fixing the bug.

Sokoban map

Sokoban map available.

ZX Columns review

We have found a ZX Columns review at The Rubber Beermat.

'Press releases' new section

We have added to the site a new section to link to comments and reviews about our work on different magazines, local or foreign, online or printed.

Sokoban in TR-DOS format

Timosik Andrew, from Russia, tells us that he has converted the game to TR-DOS, most popular format on former USSR.

You can download it at: http://innercoregroup.narod.ru/project.htm

We feel very proud to see that our game is followed so far away from here (as Russia) and they take care to adapt it to their most popular formats.

Sokoban for sale

From next March 10th, at MadriSX, the "real" tape version of our last Spectrum game, Sokoban, will be for sale.

You can ask for it (without paying anything on advance), at "Lo podrás tocar..." ("You'll able to touch it")

Don't miss it.

Babaliba for Apple Mac OSX

Babaliba, a remake of a classic Dinamic's game, was released nearly two years ago.

Now, for the fruit brand fans, we launch a newly compiled version on Mac OS X operating system (version 10.2 or newer).

We have also freely distributed the game's source code, and every file needed to compile it on every platform that supports Fenix (engine used to develop it).

So at this moment, it's available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. If you want to compile for your favourite platform (Dreamcast, GP32, etc.), we will be very pleased to put it on the web.

Babaliba files are downloadable from the game profile.


It's here. Sokoban!

his game will blow your grey matter.

  • One robot.
  • 99 levels.
  • 7 graphic sets.

Will you see its end any day?


Merry Christmas



It's here

Sokoman Logo

The best Pac-man clone ever made by Compiler Software.

6 exciting levels where you will dare your life. Can you beat all of them?

New "close your eyes" extra mode: try to finish the game with your eyes closed. A real challenge for the mind!

FX AIE: Authentic Invisible Enemies. Innovative technology to make invisible ghosts on Speccy. Feel the real pain at the maze!!!

FX synchro loading: optimized loading stripes to synchronize with the Earth's magnetic field.

Still reading this?

Play Sokoman!!!

Sokoman download



MadriSX 2006

Today we are presenting a couple of things we have recently done, so you can be busy while waiting for what it is yet to come.

At last MadriSX & Retro 2006 meeting we presented "Revelados", a little program based on Santiago Eximeno' texts. It is not properly a game, but if you like this author's micro-tales you will surely be interested. We are releasing not only the game but also the source code, very simple, that you can use as a text reader, and a cover just in case you want to record your own physical cassette tape.

On the other hand, we bring you a DSK format compilation, named "Pack Ferpecto", containing every single title we have published so far, with a friendly loading menu, so you can access to all games in an easy way.

Games included are:

  • Another brick on the wall 2.
  • ZX Columns.
  • ZX Mines.
  • ZX Mines 2.
  • ZX Poker.

With this compilation, it will be much easy to save it in a physical format, may be in a 3" or 3.5" floppy disk, maybe in a compact flash card, and enjoy them in the real hardware.

That's all for now. As a famous philosopher said. "all the iceberg is above the water", that's it? or maybe not? :-)

Stay tuned to your screens. More news soon.

Three brand new games and a new web site.

Hello again.

As today we present three brand new games at MadriSX & Retro 2005, we've redesigned or web site. And a nice way to put on the page is to bring you launch these three new games, all for Sinclair ZX Spectrum microcomputer.

First of all, a puzzle game based on SEGA Classic: ZX Columns; program by Santiago Romero and graphics by Davit Masia.

Following with a version of famous Breakout: Another Brick On The Wall 2, a remake of the game presented to 2004 BASIC Contest at Bytemaniacos, winner of its cathegory. This game has been created by Miguel A. García Prada with a loading screen by Davit Masia.

And at last but not at least, we have a board game, ZX Poker, based on Solitaire Poker, a card game very addictive programmed by Santiago Romero.

Every game has its own printable cassette inlay, if you want to print it and save the games on a cassette tape, and also has instructions and loading screens.

We hope you will enjoy playing them so much as we have enjoyed making them.