Revelados 2006


'Revelados' is a blog ported to ZX Spectrum. Based on Santiago Eximeno micro-tales, the strength of these short stories has been translated to the most significant home computer in the Eighties.

Little more to say, just read the thirteen micro-tales (sorry, in Spanish only) and let your imagination fly around the dark words that Santiago has put on virtual paper and, now, on our Spectrum's screens.


Revelados screenshot #1

Revelados screenshot #2


  • Concept and tales: Santiago Eximeno.
  • Code: Miguel A. García Prada.
  • Testing: Federico J. Álvarez Valero.
  • Skulls image: Santiago Eximeno.
  • "Revelados" label: Composed with graphics ripped from "Nonamed". © Dinamic 1987.
  • Font set: ripped from "Don Quijote". © Dinamic 1987.
  • Cover: Santiago Romero.

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