Estar Guars 2015

Your goal (as Luke Skywalker) is to rescue Han, Leia, Chewie, C3PO and R2D2, to come back to the Millenium Falcon and to escape all together. First of all you need to find a weapon to face all the enemies that you will encounter. You can also use the Force and eliminate all the enemies in the screen. But this power is limited and you have to wait a while between uses. Use it only when you have no other choice.

Estar Guars is a Gaunlet-like game created to participate in the Star Wars videogames programming contest (Spanish) hosted by Retromañía 2015 (Spanish) and organized by Retroacción (Spanish).

Use cursor keys to move your player, space bar to shoot (if you have already found the weapon) and V to use the Force. Enemies may drop items when destroyed, and those items can be used to recover your energy. Enemy "nests" may also be destroyed and we can get healing items too. You may find Force items that will let you use it more times.

Game was designed and developed during a single week, so assets (graphics, sound effects, music) were grabbed from external sources. The game was ranked second in the contest. Development was done using a licensed version of GameMaker: Studio Professional.


Estar Guars menu screen

Estar Guars gameplay screen

Video gameplay



  • Code: Miguel A. García Prada (devil_net).
  • Graphics and sound effects ripped from Star Wars: Yoda Stories © 1997 LucasArts.
  • Music ripped from Swingle Singers - Star Wars Theme video.
  • Voices downloaded from got wavs?
  • Title font generated with flamingtext.
  • Beta-testers:
    • Javier Vispe Mur (zyloj)
    • Federico J. Álvarez Valero (falvarez).
    • Miguel A. García Prada (devil_net).
  • Support:
    • Pedro J. de Celis Benito (pedrete)
    • Santiago Romero Iglesias (NoP).

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