ZX Poker

ZX Poker cassette cover

ZX Poker is a card game based on Solitaire Poker, programmed for Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Player starts the game with a certain amount of money and has to win as money as he can (or, at least, not losing everything) betting on a Solitaire Poker. The game includes on screen instructions and allows to show messages shown in English or Spanish.

Solitaire Poker rules are very easy: the player bets (before seeing his own cards) an amount of money (from $1 to $5). After it, the 5 cards are shown, and player can change whatever cards he don't like. After all, if player has any poker figure (double figures, three, double couples, poker, stairs, full, etc.) he wins the game. Every figure gives player certaing amount of money multiplied to the amount bet.

So, a couple of figures gives $1 if player bets only $1. Double couples give $2 if player bets $1, but will give $6 if player has bet $3 (double couple's value is $2). So betting more than $1 is risky, because if we lose, we will lose money quickly.

At last, every time player wins a round, he can bet it to "double or nothing": a card is shown and player must unfold any of the other 4 cards. If the card unfolt is bigger, will double the money he has won. If it's lower, will lose everything. If it's equal, he will retry. Player can do as "double or nothing" as he wants, but can lose everything. The goal of the game is to break the bank (earning $10000), or retire with enough money.


ZX Poker screenshot #1

ZX Poker screenshot #2

ZX Poker screenshot #3


  • Code and graphics: Santiago Romero (NoP).
  • Beta-testers:
    • Federico J. Álvarez Valero (falvarez).
    • Miguel A. García Prada (devil_net).
    • Pablo Suau (Siew).
    • Juan Pablo López-Grao.
    • Jose Manuel Claros.
    • Pedro J. De Celis Benito (Pedrete).

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