ZX Mines 2

ZX Mines 2 cassette cover

Second part of ZX Mines for Sinclair ZX Spectrum, written in C and ASM to avoid the speed limitations of the original BASIC version. It also has cover and inlay to make yourself an original tape, and C source code. It has 3 board sizes (like difficulty levels) and Spanish-English messages.

Using O, P, Q, A keys we move the cursor over the mine board, and with Space key we unfold the cell under the cursor. If there is a mine, then game is over, but if it isn't, computer will show the number of mines that are in the 8 adjacent cells. Using this numbers and being carefull, we can unfold every cell without mine, and so beat the game.


ZX Mines 2 screenshot #1

ZX Mines 2 screenshot #2

ZX Mines 2 screenshot #3


  • Code: Santiago Romero (NoP).
  • Loading screen: Davit Masia (Matriax).

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