This game was coded to enter into Retromanía 2016's coding competition and ranked in second place.

The aim of the game is to put same color tokens together. You can pick them from the upper part with a little platform, which can hold up to three different ones of the same color.

Once you have held any token (between 1 and 3), you can shoot back them to the upper side.

If you shoot only one, it will keep there. Two or more will be destroyed. Also, if they collide with more adjacent tokens of the same color in the same column, all of them will be destroyed.

Tokens will come down periodically, at a faster pace as time runs, and new random color tokens will be added to the upper line. If one of them enters into the "safe zone" (below the line), you die.

Controls are "O" and "P" to move your platform left and right. "Space" to retrieve or shoot tokens. "R" gets you back to the menu.

Any destroyed token scores points

As this game was made in only a few days, just to be ready to the competition, only "attack mode" is available. And we are also sure that there may be bugs in the wild.

Miguel, the maker, comments:

This game is based in some other one I saw in a Flash games site; I don't remember its name and it hadn't exactly the same rules.

It was coded in about a week; It uses only 2KB of memory and it uses attributes only for the display. Neither graphics nor any ZX Spectrum not-native trick.


OPP! screenshot #1

OPP! screenshot #2

OPP! screenshot #3


  • Miguel A. García Prada (devil_net).

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