ZX Mines 2003

ZX Mines is an easy Minesweeper game for Sinclair ZX Spectrum programmed in BASIC (see its running speed) to enter on the 2003 Radastan's BASIC games competition. There are 3 board sizes (as difficulty levels) and Spanish-English messages.

Using O, P, Q, A keys, we move the cursor over the mines board, and with the Space key we unfold the cell under the cursor. If it is a mine, we will lose the game, but if it is not, a number will appear showing the number of mines under the next 8 cells close the cell we are. With these numbers in mind and beeing careful, we can unfold every cell of the board which has no mines, winning the game.

This version is programmed in BASIC, so it is very slow. It has been conceived to study BASIC source code. If you want to play Minesweeper, we recommend you ZX Mines 2, available also on this web site.


ZX Mines screenshot #1

ZX Mines screenshot #2

ZX Mines screenshot #3


  • Santiago Romero (NoP).

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