Sokoban cassette cover

After the ZeXus-6 project disaster, the Corporation couldn't fail again to keep their market leadership. The engineers decided to leave their designs on Genetics, returning again to Robotics. This science was less advanced, but the final clients would be more satisfied with their results, after the 'explicant' failure.

The new JCN-7000 robot series would allow to humans avoid all kind of dangerous jobs: energy plants control, cargo handling, cemeteries conservation, surgeon disinfection, dog shit removal at parks,...

The commercial success of this no-feeling and no-moral dilemma machines would make forget all the past events which damaged the prestige of the Corporation. Ancient technology to serve mankind and to make a brilliant future. Or not...?

Playing Sokoban

Sokoban is a logical game. Your mission consists in solving 99 levels controlling the JCN-7000 robot. It has to push the objects off to their destination on screen. You must be careful, because a wrong movement can block your progress, so you should restart the level. Keep on this rules to avoid it:

  • The objects can only be pushed off, you can't pull them.
  • An object can be pushed off only if there is an empty space behind it. You can't push two or more objects off at the same time.
  • Each time you pass a level, the game will give you a password to continue Sokoban from there the next time you load it.

You can choose among seven graphic sets to play Sokoban: screws, oh shit!, graveyard, surgeon, the tower, futurist and spectrum.


Sokoban loading screen

Sokoban game screen

Sokoban main menu screen


Arcade version

In 2015, Adrian Smethurst (cmonkey) has ported Sokoban to Taito L System arcade boards.

The game is not a simple port, it includes some new features and improvements:

  • 10 new chiptune songs to choose.
  • A brand new sprite set, appart from the original 8.
  • Undo action stack doubles its capacity up to 200 movements.
  • Improved main menu.
  • "Attract mode", a classic feature of arcade boards.
  • Improved ending scene.
  • A couple of warp levels, so game can be finished beating only 24 levels.
  • JCN-7000 has red eyes.
  • Level passwords are cross-compatible between Spectrum and arcade versions.

Sokoban LE main menu

Sokoban LE game screen

Sokoban LE finished level screen



  • Development: Adrian Smethurst (cmonkey)
  • Beta testing:
    • ben76
    • Hurray Banana
    • Sokurah


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