ZX Columns 2005

ZX Columns cassette cover

ZX Columns is a puzzle game for Sinclair ZX Spectrum based on the classic jewels game by SEGA. In ZX Columns, we must control the three jewels blocks falling from the sky and put them doing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of three or more jewels of the same color. When we do one of them, jewels will disappear, earning points. We can rotate block's colors as we wish.

When we have earned certain amount of points we will reach the next level, and the blocks will fall faster. If the screen gets full of jewels we will lose the game. Appart from the different colour jewels, there is an special jewel, white, that will make dissapear every jewel of the same colour of the jewel it touches, which is very useful to clean the screen when we are very close of the upper limit.


ZX Columns screenshot #1

ZX Columns screenshot #2

ZX Columns screenshot #3


  • Code: Santiago Romero (NoP).
  • Graphics and loading screen: Davit Masia Coscollar (Matriax).
  • Beta-testers:
    • Federico J. Álvarez Valero (falvarez).
    • Miguel A. García Prada (devil_net).
    • Pablo Suau (Siew).
    • Juan Pablo López-Grao.
    • Jose Manuel Claros.
    • Pedro J. De Celis Benito (Pedrete).

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