Dead End_


Dead End_'s main goal is to reach the exit of each room. Unfortunately, they are full of boxes blocking your way out. In order to put them aside and make your way out, two requirements have to be fulfilled: there must be free space in front of the box you want to push, and you must have space behind it to run in and lash them out.

There is no limit in movements or time. But be careful not to get stuck without exit, you will not be able to go back and you will have to start over.

Game has ten different levels, each of them with different level of difficulty. You can play them with no special order, chosing which one do you want to start from the main menu. But I recommend to start with level 1 first.

When you complete level 10, game will restart from level 1 again.


In order to move our avatar throw the MSX screen, use the following keys:

O - Left
P - Right
Q - Up
A - Down

R - Restart level, in case you got stuck.
Y - Back to main menu.

None of these options ask for confirmation, so be careful.


Dead End_ screenshot #1

Dead End_ screenshot #2

Dead End_ screenshot #3


Dead End_ is based in Dead End (without underscore) created by Wolfgang Thaller between 1993 and 1998 for the Apple Macintosh. This MSX version has been ported from ZX Spectrum 48K version, which was sent to the Bytemaniacos 2020 BASIC Competition.

  • Code: Miguel G. Prada (devil_net)
  • Graphics and design: Javier Vispe (zyloj)
  • MSX port: Fede J. Álvarez Valero (falvarez)
  • Technical support: Fran Gallego (Profesor Retroman)

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