Compiler Software

Compiler Software is a group of friends whose main goal is to create new games, basically for the sake of developing them. We try to do funny games, just the opossite to current visually outstanding ones. Our developments target the platform where our computing and videogaming hobbies were born: the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. We are not closed to develop for other platforms, though.

Developing games is a hobby to have a nice time. Also, when talking about Spectrum games, we are also trying to keep it alive, creating new software for a computer with a 3.5MHz CPU, 48K RAM and more of 40 years old.

The main core of Compiler software are four people, but we have had, and really appreciate, the help of a bunch of good friends, mainly creating graphics, levels and testing our games.

Our motto is: "We hope that you enjoy the game at least the same that we did creating it".

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Amstrad CPC


Commodore 64


Who are we?

Miguel A. García Prada

Miguel A. García Prada


He codes games, paints scrawls (we can't call them graphics) and pesters anybody he can. He is a superior being.

Santiago Romero

Santiago Romero


Here is our 'bug' expert. He codes and makes his own graphics, putting bugs where nobody can find them. He is essentialy a programmer, mainly using Z88DK (an Spectrum C compiler).

Javier Vispe Mur

Javier Vispe Mur


Apart from being a fulltime "himself", he puts pixels randomly, one next to another, and floods the crew's inboxes with them. He is an even superior being.

(Programmer's note: he has the nice behaviour of giving ideas about games and so to make thousands and thousands of lines of code being rewritten.)

Federico J. Álvarez Valero

Federico J. Álvarez Valero


He is the crew's musician. Apart from composing weird noises, he is in charge of English translations and, mainly, testing games. He is great with this task (better than translating), finding errors in places that shouldn't be.

He has also started the silly task of porting existing games to other platforms. Never mind, he will quit sooner or later.

Appart from that, he also maintains the web site you are just visiting.


There have been some people helping us in some different ways. They are:

  • Davit Masia Coscollar "Matriax".
    Graphics and loading screens for some of our games.
  • Juanje Gómez "Dev".
    Cover illustrations and logos.
  • Pedro J. De Celis Benito "Pedrete".
  • David Muriel "Loatlan".
  • Pablo Suau "Siew".
  • Juan Pablo López-Grao.
  • José Manuel Claros.
  • José Leandro Novellón.

Special thanks go to S3P team for their support and advices.

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